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First 1000 Days Australia has publications – journal articles, flyers, symposium reports, programs – and multimedia resources, videos and presentations. We also have a list of useful links to related websites, resources and organisations.


Professor Kerry Arabena has spoken at several different events about her vision for an Australian Model of the First 1000 Days that will benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families. Watch them here.


Several reports based on close consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, researchers, and policy makers and implementers inform our work.

Journal Articles

The following journal articles, including editorials and discussion papers, based on our research and the development of an Australian Model of the First 1000 Days are available on-line.

Position Statements


  • Poster Authors: Ms Deb Mellett (Mornington Peninsula Shire), Ms Kim Lee (Victorian Department of Health and Human Services) and Dr Rebecca Ritte (The University of...

Listed below are links to some of the websites of organisations working across this area, and other useful resources. We acknowledge the great work being done by many others, and are keen to hear about resources you may have either developed or found to be of benefit to your work, so email us at

Organisation links

Other resources