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First 1000 Days Australia Summit 2017: Videos

During the 2017 Summit, our media team used the opportunity to talk to some of the participants, including Deb Mellett, Latoya Smith, Dean Foley, Uncle Phillip Mills, Genus Passi, Kathy Anderson, Lisa Thorpe, Samantha French and the More than a Landlord project team, and the Mildura Welcome Baby to Country program team. These interviews are available at First 1000 Days Australia on Vimeo. You can also access them via the links below.

Summary of the 2017 First 1000

Days Australia Summit in Brisbane

Deb Mellett, Aboriginal

Health Coordinator – Early Years

Genus Passi, Indigenous Health

Project Officer NAPHL

Kathy Anderson, CEO, Townsville

Aboriginal & Islander Health Service

Latoya Smith, New Directions

Aboriginal Health Worker, NSW

Lisa Thorpe, CEO of Bubup Wilam,

Aboriginal Child & Family Centre

Sam French, Life Coach at

Aboriginal Housing Victoria

Phillip Mills OAM, Adjunct

Professor, James Cook University

Dean Foley, Managing Director of

Barayamal Indigenous Business Accelerator


Aunty Janine Wilson, Jill Antonie & Michael Gilby,

Welcome Baby to Country Mildura

Alisha Warden, Sharyn Lovett & Lucinda Jackson,

Peer Researchers at Aboriginal Housing Victoria