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The First 1000 Days Australia Council Inaugural Statement

The First 1000 Days Australia Council aims to enhance the health, wellbeing and safety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, adolescents and families from the period of time covering pre-conception (before having children) and conception (becoming pregnant) until a child’s second birthday.

The Council acknowledges culture as the protective factor for our families that continues to inform parenting practices today. The Council acknowledges the stress to which these practices have been subjected, but recognises there are contemporary, culturally specific, sophisticated parenting strategies from communities around Australia that continue to impact positively on the health and wellbeing of our children and families. The Council also recognises our families as the primary support for our children.

By sharing the Council's Statement of values and principles, we ask that any organisation or persons wishing to use the Inaugural Statement appropriately acknowledge and cite the Council's work. Recommended citation: First 1000 Days Australia Council 2016, First 1000 Days Australia Council Inaugural Statement, October, (1), The University of Melbourne, Melbourne.