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Fatherhood - Research Bulletin

March, 2019

We have been working with fathers, uncles, pops, brothers and young men who will be fathers for many years now, in clinical work, in prisons, in schools and hospitals and with communities in every state. We know that men’s caring for family is important for everyone in the community. We see that non-Aboriginal laws and ways of doing things have been imposed on our men and made it harder for Aboriginal men to bring up their kids with good support. Our old people had kids taken from them, they were punished for speaking language and practicing culture and had their authority to be fathers, uncles, brothers and pops taken away by governments.

We know what the young men in our communities need. They need respect, good information about their job as a father and connection to older fathers from the community.

This special edition of the Fatherhood Research Bulletin aims to do three things:

  • Raise the profile of programs and research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fathers
  • Map some of the programs for ATSI fathers across Australia
  • Point to the gap in support for young ATSI fathers that needs to be addressed

We are Kamilaroi and do not wish to speak for other communities however we do see the need for bringing support to ATSI fathers wherever they are.

Craig Hammond & Charlie Faulkner

Community Report