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Adjunct Professor Phillip Mills OAM

Adjunct Professor, James Cook University

Phillip Mills OAM is the Kulkulgul Tribal Leader of the Nailgul Clan in the Torres Straits, and an Adjunct Professor at James Cook University. He has authored and co-authored award-winning scientific research papers, major reports and strategies for chronic disease management in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Phillip has worked with various government departments and industry leaders to deliver policy reform, capacity building projects and improved system design to rural and remote communities. Awarded an Order of Australia Medal, he is acknowledged as a leader of innovative health systems that have improved the health and wellbeing of the Indigenous people of Australia.

Phillip specialises in change management, community-driven policy development and facilitating cross-sector consultation and mediation processes with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Recently he was involved in the reform of non-government health services in rural and remote regions of North Queensland.